Top Clip Point Hunting Knives For The Hunting Season

Clip point hunting knives are the perfect knife for the dedicated sportsman who is looking for a solid knife that can be used both for hunting and general tasks. While the design of the clip point blade gets the job done when it comes to skinning, cleaning and butchering wild game, it is also designed with a fatter blade than some hunting knives. This thicker blade makes it a little less efficient than a truly dedicated hunting knife, but the same feature lends it to being easier to handle for other outdoor tasks, making ideal for the occasional hunter.

Clip Point vs. Drop Point

Clip Point Hunting Knives

There are two primary blade designs when it comes to hunting knives: drop point and clip point. A drop point knife is specifically designed with a curved blade for efficient skinning that makes it a perfect knife if it is only going to be used for hunting. The clip point design, on the other hand, only is only curved right near the tip of the blade, leaving the rest of the blade similar to a typical, general duty tool. Both blade designs are curved to make skinning game easier, but the clip point design is otherwise a basic work knife with an otherwise traditional blade. Drop point knives, on the other hand, are a little better for most hunting tasks but not as useful for more general tasks.

Clip Point Uses

Due to this hybrid design, clip point hunting knives are useful for just about every back country task. While they are a great knife, a clip point hunting knife is also very useful for fishing tasks such as filleting fish or cutting bait, as well as all camping and backpacking tasks. If you are looking for a single knife to use for all of your outdoors adventures and plan on squeezing in the occasional hunting trip, a clip point blade is almost always the best choice. Clip point blades can be found on both fixed blade hunting knives as well as folding hunting knives, but a fixed blade knife is considerably more robust and easier to use on big game.

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