Review of Winchester Hunting Knives

Winchester knives have been engineered and produced to live up to the famous Winchester name. Winchester hunting knives, as well as all of their knives and tools, are designed for durability and dependability.


The blade length of the Large Bowie knife is 8.75 inches. The knife has an overall length of 14.25 inches. The cost is $21.00. The Winchester Three Blade Folding knife can be purchased for $28.97. Two of the blades measure 3.5 inches and the third is 3.375 inches long. When the knife is closed it is 4.625 inches long.

Review of Winchester Hunting Knives

Two Winchester hunting knives with gut hook blades are 4.75 and 4.74 inches and run $15.97 and $19.97. The blades of the two drop point hunting knives measure 4.83 and 2.66 inches. Their costs are $15.97 and $14.97.


All Winchester knives are made from surgical-grade stainless steel and feature the Winchester name etched into the blade. Each fixed-blade knife has what is known as “full tang” construction. The tang is the part of the blade that reaches into and through the knife’s grip giving the knife more strength. The handles of all Winchester knives are either wood or imitation Micarta. Micarta is a composite of linen or paper fabric that is cured in plastic.

Review of Bowie Hunting Knife

The Large Bowie knife features the standard Bowie blade. Two of the Winchester hunting knives feature a gut hook blade. Two others have drop point blades. The blades of the Three Blade Folding knife are a clip point, a gut hook, and a saw blade.

Knife Type

The Three Blade hunting knife features three different folding blades. One of the blades is a clip point. The Winchester Large Bowie knife and the four other models of hunting knife are all fixed-blade knives.

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