Review of Silver Stag Hunting Knives

Silver stag have a very unique style of knives to choose from. Most of the handles on their knives have a curve in them for easy grabbing. They offer large and small hunting knives that are high quality knives. One of the smaller knives that they offer that are popular is the Silver Stag Stainless steel knife with a deer handle. This knife has a gut hook fixed blade that measures 4” and costs around $100.00. A larger knife that Silver Stage offers is the very popular 16” Bowie Hunting Knife Tool Steel Series. The blade measures 10”, which is a fairly long blade. The price of this beauty is around $150.00.

Silver Stag Deep Valley Hunting Knife

Main Features of the Silver Stag Deep Valley Hunting Knife

This knife is a good knife for many different occasions and is not too expensive, costing around $80.00. This knife has a very sharp pointed blade that is smooth; there is no serrated edge on this knife. The handle is made of Deer or Elk Antler with a brass finish guard to protect it and make it shine.

What Type of Knife

The Silver Stag Deep Valley Hunting Knife 440 Stainless Antler DV3010 is a wonderful knife to have. It is an overall length of 12”, and has a 6” 440C stainless blade. The blade is a drop point fixed blade and it also comes with a handmade-laced leather sheath for carrying. This knife is great for hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities of all kinds; the antler handle gives the knife its own unique look and style. This knife is definitely an original looking knife, if you lost it, it would be easily recognizable if found. Take it with you wherever you go for everyday use as well.

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