Review of Kissing Crane Hunting Knives

Kissing Crane makes a variety of knives, from pocketknives to larger hunting knives; Kissing Crane has the knife for you. One of the smaller blade knives they have is the Kissing Crane Euro Hunting Knife Autumn Bone Kc0677br; this knife has a small folding blade that measures 3 ½” and costs only $35.00. Another knife they have that has a fixed blade rather than a folding blade is the Kissing Crane Medium Hunting Knife Autumn Bone Handle with a blade that measures 3½” as well and costs around $50.00.

Kissing Crane Hunting Knives

One of the pocketknives that they sell is the German Kissing Crane 3 Blade Whittler-Genuine Deer Stag Handles Pocket Knife. This pocketknife has three sharp knives within it, one that is large and two that are small. This knife is very easy to carry around with you in your pocket because it only measures 2 7/8 inches long. If you like pocket knives for simple activities like camping or just to carry around everyday, this is a good knife to have.

Main Features of The Kissing Crane Skinning Hunting Knife

The Kissing Crane Skinning Hunting Knife has a stainless steel, smooth pointed blade that only measures 3¼” with an overall length of 7 1/8”. The blade on this knife is one of the smaller blades but is razor sharp and easy to hold.

What Type of Knife The Skinning Hunting Knife Is

This knife is a drop point knife that is very sharp. The knife is extremely pointed at the tip; this makes it easy to cut through things. The handle on this particular knife is made with black Sawcut Delrin and has a Lanyard Hole. The knife also comes with an authentic black leather belt sheath for carrying with you during hiking, camping, or hunting activities.

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