Review of Damascus Hunting Knives

Damascus hunting knives are popular hunting knives and preferred by many hunters today. These knives are quality knives that will take care of small or large jobs that you need to get done. They offer different sizes with various prices to choose from, it simply depends on what you need the knife for and what suites your personal taste; either way, they have plenty to offer, you will be satisfied.

Damascus Hunting Knives

One of the knives they offer that has a decent size blade on it is the Damascus Knives Hunting Knife DM1000; the blade on this knife measures 5 7/8” with an overall length of 10½”. This knife will cost you only about $53.50.

Damascus Fallkniven Idun Hunting Knife

Another knife they offer that is unique is the Damascus Fallkniven Idun Hunting Knife that costs around $1,500 and has a blade length of 4”. The handle material on this knife is stacked leather, which gives it a nice finished, handmade look.

Main Features of The Full Tang Genuine Damascus Steel Hand Made Knife

This knife is original, genuine, and a great knife to own. It has a smooth, extra sharp blade that is a genuine hand forged Damascus steel and measures 6¼” with an overall length of 11¼”. The handle on this knife is a real stag, with a solid brass trim.

What Type of Knife

This knife is an original, handmade, fixed blade knife that is sure to impress as well as get the job done. It comes with a sheath for carrying that is custom handmade leather. This knife is perfect to have because not only is it extra special because it is genuinely handmade, but it is a beauty and it gets the job done as well. The handle to the knife also has grooves for your fingers for better gripping. The price on this knife will cost you around $92-$100 and is a great investment.

Damascus Hunting Knives










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