Review of Browning Knives

Browning hunting knives are professional hunting knives made with stainless steel blades that come in many different styles. Whatever you need to do, whether it is hunting, dressing game, gutting, or just camping, a Browning-hunting knife will get the job done with little effort. They have small lock blade hunting knives or larger, longer knives for the bigger jobs that need to be done. One of the smaller lock blade knife that is hard to find and very popular, called the Tracker Skinner that they have has a blade that measures 2 ½” and costs around $99.00.

A larger knife for the bigger jobs that is made by browning and is also fairly popular and has a blade that measures 10” is the Crowell/Barker Competition Knife. This knife is a fixed blade knife and is great for the big jobs that need to be taken care of. This knife costs around $129.95 and is well worth the investment. However, the most popular hunting knife is the Browning Hunting Knife made perfect for all hunting occasions.

Browning Knives

Main Features of the Browning Hunting Knife

This knife is a large handcrafted drop point knife with a curve to it that has teeth on the back of the blade to make a serrated back edge that is good for cutting through game. The blade is cutlery stainless steel and the handle is tropical hardwood that was handcrafted in Mexico; the entire weight of the knife is 8.6oz.

Type of Knife

The blade type of this knife is a skinner type blade that measures 4 ½” and the overall length of the knife is 9”. This knife is a fixed blade knife that comes with a Browning sheath that is marked with the name and model of the knife.

Browning Knives










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