Rambo Hunting Knives Make The Hard Work Easy

Nothing popularizes a knife more than when it stars in a movie. There’s a great scene in First Blood (part 1) where the cops are looking over Rambo’s knife and questioning him about it. This is the first time we see a Rambo style hunting knife. It’s an impressive blade, and they ask Rambo what he needs it for. The terse reply, “For hunting.” speaks volumes.

Later in the movie we get to see the knife in action. Rambo uses the accessories in the handle to sew up a wound and find his way (with the compass) — he even kills a deer with the knife (tied to a shaft to make a spear). After all this great exposure, who wouldn’t want one?

The Three Rambo Style Hunting Knives

After three movies, there are actually three different hunting knives that could properly be called Rambo style. The first movie features a stainless steel, 9 inch blade (14 inch overall), full guard, saw-back knife with a corded, hollow handle (for all the goodies). Not really shown in the movie (and a bit of Rambo knife trivia) is the Phillips and flat-headed screwdriver blades — one on each end of the blade guard.The second movie (Rambo, First Blood part 2) used a very similar knife with a blackened carbon steel blade. The blade is another inch longer than the first (at 10 inches sharpened), making this Rambo style knife 15 2/8 inch overall.

The last movie in the series features a much more radical design. This Rambo style hunting knife leaves off the hollow handle with the survival stuff and replaces the corded grip with solid wood. Gone too are the screwdriver points on the guard. The blade is stainless steel, thicker and wider than before, with a blood channel. The saw back is toned down. Of course, the trend for a longer blade continues with a now 13 inch blade (18 inches overall).


So, are these Rambo style hunting knives actually usable? Yes, mostly. The one feature that seems less than choice is the saw back. The sharp edged teeth aren’t really practical for cutting much of anything. A knife isn’t a saw. The proper way to cut a small branch with a knife is to chop, or, cut out chunks of wood by placing the knife edge against the branch and hitting the backside with a rock, driving it in. None of these are robust enough for that little job.


Officially licensed Rambo Style hunting knives are costly. For fans, this isn’t a problem. For anyone interested in simply a functional hunting/survival knife, it would be wise to shop around based on features instead of movie credentials.

Rambo Knives

Rambo hunting knives make the hard work easy; they have many different styles to choose from that will significantly help you when hunting. Many hunters have their own preference on which Rambo hunting knife is best for them, there are a few that are top on the list of must have Rambo hunting knives.

First Blood Knife

First Blood Knife

This knife has a 420J2 stainless steel blade with a serrated back edge; the blade length measures 10” with a ¼” blade thickness. It has a compass and an emergency survival kit that is positioned in the pommel. This is a good, basic Rambo knife to have that comes with a black leather snap case.

Rambo Hunting Knife

Rambo Hunting Knife

A much larger knife compared to the previous one mentioned is the 13” Rambo hunting knife, GeKs5859-1 model. This knife has an overall length of 13” with a blade length of 8”. This knife has a blade that is stainless steel and a handle that is hard rubber with a stainless steel trim. It is also much heavier weighing 1.95lbs and comes equipped with a Balistic Nylon sheath. This knife also has much smaller serrated teeth on the back of the blade.

Wood Handled Rambo Hunting Knife

Wood Handled Rambo Hunting Knife

This deadly knife is great for hunting and has a very large serrated edge that makes it look wicked. The exceptionally sharp stainless steel blade measures 6.25” with a wooden handle that makes the knife simple that is comfortable to grip. The length of the knife overall is 11.75” and it includes an authentic leather sheath.

Simple Rambo Hunting Knife

Simple Rambo Hunting Knife

A more simple but very sharp hunting knife is the 15” Rambo hunting knife that does not have any serrated edges on it but a simple severely sharp blade that measures 10” with an overall length of 15” for the entire knife. The blade on this knife is large and long and is cut off at a square angle at the tip. It is so sharp it can be used as a machete to cut small trees. It comes with a leather sheath for carrying.

Limited Edition Rambo Signature Edition Knife

Limited Edition Rambo Signature Edition Knife

If you want everyone to know your knife is a Rambo, then one of the best deals on the Rambo knives you can get is the limited edition Rambo Signature Edition Knife. It is a blade that mimics the one used in the Rambo movie. The blade is 13” with a thickness of ¼”, and the entire knife is 18”; so this is a rather large knife. The knife also comes with an authentic leather sheath with a leg tie. This knife is a “pretty” knife that a lot of people like to show off. This is a wonderful knife however; I would prefer the deadly serrated knife to this one.

Whether you prefer a simple yet extremely sharp knife, or a fancier serrated edge knife, Rambo has it. These knives will make all of your hunting trips and experiences easier with every slice. The serrated edges on some of the Rambo knives make the tough cutting jobs much easier, especially when cutting through large game.

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