Kershaw Knives – Industry Leader In Innovation

There is no question that there are many manufacturers that produce a variety of kitchen Cutlery and assorted knives; many of them have been around for centuries. But there is one company that is a newcomer to the industry. Established in 1974, Kershaw Knives Company rapidly rose to become a leader in this very competitive field, and are still considered to be an industry leader today.

The company was actually started in Portland, Oregon by Pete Kershaw. He spent many years working as a salesman for the Gerber Precision Knives Company, which at that time had long been an industry leader and a well-known brand around the world. Over the years, Mr. Kershaw began to develop some of his own unique designs for hunting, outdoor and Survival Knives, and more. Kershaw Knives was his chance to see if his designs were viable for the marketplace.

It did not take long for the Kershaw Knives product line to take off and to be fully embraced by the marketplace. Sales quickly soared and the demand for Kershaw’s unique knife designs become even greater. At the time that he launched the company, most production of the special Kershaw Knife line was done in Japan. These days, production facilities for Kershaw are located just outside Portland, Oregon, in the suburbs of Tualatin and Wilsonville.

While the company started out with a rather small product line, the lineup of knives that Kershaw produces today has grown significantly. Kershaw now designs and manufactures a wide variety of knives and cutlery items. Hunting Knives, Fishing Knives and Pocket Knives are some of their most popular styles that they produce and these knives are available in many models and sizes to meet a wide range of needs for an outdoorsman.

In addition, Kershaw also has developed a line called Shun Cutlery, which is a product line of kitchen knives and cutlery that has been well received in the marketplace. According to users who have reviewed the Kershaw kitchen cutlery report, the only drawback to this line is that these knives need to be sharpened frequently in order to keep their extremely sharp cutting edge. But, they are also praised for being knives that are very strong and durable and for the excellent balance thanks to the overall design of the blade and handle.

The Kershaw Company also has developed a special use line of Tactical Knives known as the ZT, or Zero Tolerance line. These knives are quite unique from the typical hunting knives found in most outdoor shops and are designed to be special combat style Military Knives. The ZT knives are widely used in military, police, survival and other related types of applications.

Kershaw Knives set themselves apart even more by offering their customers lifetime complimentary knife sharpening services. Even though this service is excellent, it is not always the most convenient for the customer if they have to send their favorite knives out for sharpening. In response to demand, Kershaw also now manufactures a line of knife sharpeners to keep every Kershaw knife in perfect cutting condition and which can also sharpen other brands of knives as well.

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