Folding Knives – See How Folding Knives Can Make Your Outdoor Activities A Breeze

Whenever an outdoorsman is planning to get away and into the wild, whether to simply do some camping, try to bag some big game or to hook a prize fish, it is always a good idea to have a quality, folding kind of knife on hand. Folding knives are a particular kind of knife, which are especially good for outdoor sporting and hunting. They are convenient to take along because the blade is protected by being folded into the handle when not in use.

A folding knife has a few of advantage over a standard, fixed blade hunting knife. First of all they are more convenient to carry than fixed blade knives. Once folded, they can easily be tucked away into a backpack, a fanny pack, a pocket or even a purse if desired. This means quality hunting knives can always be near at hand whenever they are needed most.

Folding knives are also great because the blade is protected when it if folded into the handle without needing to carry along a separate sheath to protect the blade from damages. This in turn means that the blade is less likely to get nicked and should also stay sharp longer, thus requiring less maintenance.

Also, with knives that fold there is much less of a chance of the user, or someone else such as a child, getting cut by the blade or stabbing themselves. A folding/pocket style of knife is a wonderful tool to have on hand and provides people with some peace of mind because the blade is not exposed unless opened.

In general, there are two primary kinds of folding knives that you will find on the market. The first is the traditional pocket style of knife, which can be folded closed with just a little effort exerted against the back, or non cutting edge, of the blade. It is always important to make sure that your fingers are out of the way of the blade storage slot when closing so that no injury occurs.

Folding hunting knives are also quite common, and are also called lock-back knives. The knives that fold have a release button that must be depressed to release the blade so that it can be folded back into the handle. This adds an extra measure of safety ensuring that the blade does not snap closed while in use. It also provides additional stability when using the knife on tough materials or in situations of extended use, such as skinning game, gutting fish or cutting tree limbs.

There is one main drawback to folding knives; they can be harder to clean thoroughly. When used for skinning game or cleaning fish, the tissue and blood can easily get into the grooves and the mechanisms in the handle of a folding hunting knife, so removing all of these elements can be challenging. But, since they are so convenient to carry, most people still opt to carry along pocket knives on their ventures into the wild.

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