Bowie Hunting Knives

What is a Bowie Knife?

Almost all of us have heard about the famous Jim Bowie who was killed at the Alamo. But, none of us really know if Jim Bowie was also a blacksmith who forged the first knife that was named after him. Before you can find a deal on Bowie hunting knives, you have to know what kind of knife they are. Jim Bowie who had a long standing feud with a banker named Wright, used what looked like a long butcher knife to gut Wright after having been stabbed by Wright.

The knife that Jim Bowie carried with him at all times had a 10 inch length blade and was almost 2 inches across. Most accounts say that it was forged in England. Whoever made the knife that Jim Bowie carried, it was known for its strength. If you are looking to buy a Bowie hunting knife as a historical piece then finding a deal on one would be to start looking in antique shops that carry such artifacts.

Bowie Hunting Knives

The Jim Bowie Hunting Knives Legend

The fight in 1827 between Jim Bowie and Wright in Mississippi made him an American legend. Since he always wore his hunting knife on his side, American men from all walks of life, from members of Congress to common burglars began to wear a bowie knife on their side. The original knife that Jim Bowie carried has been lost, but replicas are made by many knife manufacturers and sold as bowie hunting knives.

You can get a good deal on a knife that is supposedly like the one Jim Bowie used to kill his foe by shopping for brand names like Windlass Steelcrafts. They make bowie knives with highly tempered steel and range in price from under 15 dollars to 200 dollars. What is unique about these bowie knives is that they are dated to be representative of knives sold at that period in American history. Their 1880 bowie knife just looks like the knife that bowie carried although his would have had to have been made before 1827. Their horn handle bowie knife could send chills down the spine of any one being attacked by it or could be real impressive worn on the side of a gentleman’s tunic. Again, if you are looking for ways to find a deal on Bowie hunting knives, you have to understand what your purpose is in owning a bowie.

Searching online for Bowie Hunting Knives

The best site to find a bowie knife, which is really only a long bladed, wide, tempered steel knife with a short handle, is at knife depot: Bowie Knives. Those are new knives and come in every price range and handle style you can think of. If buying a knife online isn’t to your liking then visit some local stores that sell butcher knives and wait for a sale.

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