5 Fixed Blade Hunting Knives Everyone Should Own

Everyone should own a fixed blade-hunting knife; even if you do not hunt, it is a good knife to have for protection. The fixed blade allows you to easily pull out your knife from your holster with one motion, and it will never close on you when in use, that is the whole purpose of this wonderful fixed blade knife. There are at least 5 fixed blade-hunting knives everyone should own.

The best for defense is the fixed blade Bowie style knife. This hunting knife is actually labeled “the best defense”. The length of the entire knife is 11 ¼” and the blade is a 440 stainless steel blade that measures about 5 ¼”. On the reverse blade there are also teeth serrations for a better cut through things. The handle is equipped with black rubber for an enhanced grip. This knife comes with a leather snap case to hold the knife in.

Made To Be Strong

A fixed blade hunting knife is designed for the hunter who is looking for a strong and reliable knife. There are no moving parts on a fixed blade; therefore, the knife must be carried in a sheath, which makes it somewhat more awkward than a folding knife.

Sturdy and Dependable

The newest fixed blade hunting knife offers a rubber handle, which provides for a better grip making it easier to work with in various types of weather or under different hunting circumstances. Most fixed blade knives have blades that can be changed, so even though you can only use one blade at a time, you can carry a variety of blades with you. For example, if you are hunting larger animals, a heavier blade may be desirable in order to cut though a thick hide. A serrated edged blade may help say through an animal’s bones, and other special blades may help in removing the skin.

Made For the Serious Hunter

The fixed blade hunting knife is made for the serious hunter who wants to own a hunting blade that is strong and serves a variety of purposes. The fixed blade is a straight forward knife with no bells or whistles, and can be found for very reasonable prices. The blade usually runs about six inches, and the knife usually weighs somewhere around seven to eight ounces, measuring between 10 to 11 inches in overall length. The most popular choice in fixed blade knives are the drop point, because they are made of stainless steel with a curve to the blade that is quite efficient when it comes to skinning hides. It works on almost all hunted game, which does make it one of the more expensive fixed blade hunting knives on the market.

Columbia River Knife

Columbia River Knife

Do you like the water or going to the river? The second knife on my list is the Columbia River Knife, which has an ultima 7” spear point fixed blade. This blade is made to bear a resemblance to the Bronze Age daggers that existed 4000 years ago. The handle has more than 70 triangle grips that help you hold the knife with complete control. The blade is 6.75” that is 1.4116 stainless steal with a non-reflective finish, perfect for the water. It comes with a Cordura Zytel sheath to hold the knife in.

The Leatherman Steens-S30V Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

The Leatherman Steens-S30V Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

The Leatherman Steens-S30V fixed blade hunting knife is a great hunting knife; it comes with a rotating handle that covers the blade for your safety, and is easy to use. Incorporated in the handle is a destructive bone saw that conveniently locks in place and covers the 3.75” blade. This blade is made from S30V steel, giving the best reliable hardness accessible. It comes with a leather sheath to hold your knife in.

Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Even better for hunting is the Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knife. This knife is actually built and said to be one of the best hunting knives you can buy. This knife is great for big game when hunting. It has a 4 ½” VG-1 San Mai three layer steel blade. It cuts with little to no effort and is designed for prolonged use without getting tired. It has a gut hook for easy dressing, and a checkered Kraton grip that gives you good handling even if it is bloody or wet; it comes included with a black leather ConcealEx sheath.

Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife

Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife

Last is a knife that must be mentioned because it has always been a popular knife is the Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife. This knife is a great knife and is not too expensive if you are looking for something with a lower price range. The blade is stainless steel and comes with a fine edge and a gut hook. The handle is pakka wood that gives strength and style to the knife. This wood is a deep red colored wood that also gives the knife a sharp look to it. This knife is great as a gift for someone that likes to go camping or small game hunting. It is also a good knife for first timers because it is not too big and it is a classic knife.

Internet Deals and Fixed Blade Relics

Searching the Internet for fixed blade hunting knives is the best way to find the various types, styles and prices available. Look for knives that have stainless steel blades and a non-slip grip handle made in the USA. There are also website that deal with antique fixed blade hunting knives. These sites have have fixed blade relics that go back hundreds of years and have intricately carved handles and unique blades. There is usually a story that goes with each antique fixed blade hunting knife making for interesting research and reading.­

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