5 Best Gut Hook Hunting Knives

A gut hook knife is a knife with a specially designed hunting blade that makes it perfect for gutting wild game without running the risk of damaging the meat in the process. A gut hook blade has a deep, sharp hook along the back ridge of the blade’s tip that allows a hunter to puncture and cleanly rip open the belly of an animal without puncturing any organs. While many hunters swear by the utility of a gut hook blade on their hunting knife, some hunters prefer to use a separate tool such as a Wyoming knife to open up the gut of their game. Others find that the hook end of the blade makes the knife less pragmatic for general duty applications. Still, the gut hook blade is an excellent knife for the frequent hunter who is looking for a knife that will only be used for hunting and fishing applications.

Gut Hook Hunting Knife Uses

A gut hook hunting knife is really only designed to be used for back country applications such as hunting and fishing. Other than cleaning wild game, a gut hook knife can also be a welcome addition to a tackle box. The hook of the blade can be used for cleaning fish and quickly cutting fishing line, and the rest of the knife can be used for applications such as cutting bait. However, a gut hook hunting knife is a less ideal choice for a general use camping tool. Because the gut hook is exposed on the back end of the blade, it can be dangerous to use this style of knife for precision work such as woodcraft and other campground uses.

Gut hook knives help take some of the work out of skinning and dressing game. Every hunter should own at least one gut hook knife, and there are many to choose from when searching for the best one out there. Chances are, your not going to simply settle on one knife. There are 5 gut hook-hunting knives every hunter wants.

5 Best Gut Hook Hunting Knives

Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife

Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife

First, is a knife that is a must because it is a classic and has always been a popular knife; the Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife. This knife is a wonderful, reliable knife that is inexpensive. The blade is stainless steel and comes with a gut hook and a fine edge. The handle is pakka wood, which is a dark red colored wood that gives style as well as strength to the knife.

Gerber Blades 06932 Gator GH Folding Gut Hook Knife

Gut Hook Knives

Another must have knife is the Gerber Blades 06932 Gator GH Folding Gut Hook Knife. It folds and locks back so the knife will never close on you. The blade is made from high carbon stainless steel and is a length of 3.75”. It has an easy grip handle that is equipped with Kraton rubber for a better grip. The entire length of the knife with the blade open is 8.75”. This knife is a full sized knife that folds, which is not very common and is said to be one of the best of its kind offered to the public.

Freeman Gut Hook Hunter Fine Edge Sheath Knife

Freeman Gut Hook Hunter Fine Edge Sheath Knife

Made by Gerber as well is the Freeman Gut Hook Hunter fine edge sheath knife-8465. The handle to this knife is pear wood that is strong and solid. It weighs 6.8 oz, with a blade length of 3.92”. The entire length of the knife including the blade is 8.35”. This knife was actually recognized in 2003 as one of the most favorable hunting knives ever made.

Cabela’s Outfitters Series Gut Hook Knife

Cabela’s outfitters series gut hook knife

Another very popular knife that is a must have because it is so different and unique looking compared to the ordinary gut hook knife is the Cabela’s outfitters series gut hook knife known as the trigger Skinner knife. The edge of the knife is razor sharp and has a nickel, Vanadium and Tungsten in the alloy to enhance the capability of taking an edge very quickly. It has a small, fat, gut hook that measures 4 ½”, with a 3/8” gap, and is 8½” length overall.

Kershaw Alaskan Blade Trader Knife

Kershaw Alaskan blade trader knife

Last is the absolutely must have Kershaw Alaskan blade trader knife. It is equipped to switch to multiple blades; included is a AUS6A stainless steel gut hook blade for gutting that measures 6”; a 420J2 stainless steel blade for hunting that measures 3½”, and a saw steel blade for sawing your game that measures 6”. This knife is great because it gives you the opportunity to switch blades while using the same knife handle. The quick lock mechanism makes it easy and safe to switch blades in a matter of seconds. It also includes a leather sheath that is equipped with a holder for each individual blade. The overall weight of this knife is 11.6 oz. This knife is definitely top on my list of must have gut hook knives; and yet also includes two additional knives for sawing and hunting.

Gut Hook Sharpening

Serious hunters who are considering purchasing a gut hook hunting knife should be aware that this blade requires a little extra care than a standard hunting knife. Because the sharpened edge of the hook is located on the inside of the hook’s curve, this portion of the knife can not be sharpened with a regular wet stone when it becomes dull after regular use. Sharpening a gut hook blade is not difficult; it simply requires the purchase of an addition round knife sharpener that can reach this inside of the hook’s blade.

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